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      This web site is not an affiliate, intermediary or representative of the Government of Canada. We do not sell/charge or provide any immigration or government forms which are available free on IRCC website. We are paid legal representatives for all immigration matters. The legal advice (depends upon case by case), which we provide, is not available by IRCC office or its website. Our Legal advice can make your immigration case stronger with our experience and knowledge in IRPA and IRPR Regulations.

      Immigration Program We can help
      Express Entry Skilled Worker Class Work Permit
      Quebec Skilled Worker Class Study Permit
      Provincial Nominee Program Visitor Visa
      Canadian Experience Class Permanent Residence Card
      Federal/Quebec Investor Immigration Study in Canada
      Provincial Investor Immigration Looking for worker?
      Refugee Class Immigration Family/Marriage Visa Sponsorship
      Special Features

      Information about Canada

      SLC has compiled one of the most extensive internet resource guides about Canada, including information about regional economies, cultural diversity, social programs, education, starting a business, housing working in Canada, history and more.

      See All Success Stories

      Newcomers to Canada bring with them their own vibrant cultures, their hopes and their dreams. In every part of the country there is a story waiting to be told about how they are achieving success in their lives.
      Vancouver, Canada
      Bangkok, Thailand
      News & Events

      Canada Immigration launches 2 new pilot projects for caregivers

      July 11th, 2019,  Canada Immigration has launched 2 new pilot projects that will help caregivers who are coming to Canada make this country their permanent home. MORE..

      IRCC levels plan for 2019 to 2021 to welcome more economic immigrants

      Ottawa, November 19, 2018.  At the end of October, the Government of Canada announced its multi-year immigration levels plan for 2019 to 2021. The new levels plan focuses on increasing economic immigration. MORE..


      On April 14, 2017 - The Quebec Government has announced that the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program (Qc IIP) will reopen from May 29 2017 to February 23 2018. The maximum number of applications that can be received during this period is 1900. We encourage you to complete your Investor cases and submit them to our attention at your earliest convenience for our review.  MORE..

      Eliminating the 4 years rule under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program

      January 7, 2017, A new public policy put an end to the “four-year cumulative duration rule” for persons working under the Temporary Foreign Workers Program.   MORE..

      Quebec Announces Application Intake from August 2016

      On July 19, 2016 - the government of the Canadian province of Quebec announced that its Quebec Skilled Worker program will open to receive up to 5,000 new applications as of August 16, 2016 at 8:30 a.m. Eastern Standard (Montreal) Time. MORE..


      SLC and COVID-19-related measures:

      SLC and COVID-19-related measures: Due to the COVID-19 pandemic issue, all our offices (Thailand and Canada)  are closed until April 12th, 2020. We continue, however, to operate as usual as our staff is working remotely. The Phone numbers of SLC offices are all active. If any consultation is needed, it will be done via Video Skype. MORE..

      ICCRC IMM Practitioner Schedule from November 2019 to March 2020

      Mr. Parwinder Sadana, ICCRC Immigration Practitioner from Canada will not be available from November 2019 to March 2020.    MORE..

      Visitor Visas for Thai Ladies married/common-law to Canadians

      We are accepting new clients who are married to Canadians OR living with Canadians as common-law for last one year. We can help them to get visitor visas for Canada to join their spouses in Canada  by filing the sponsorship application at CPC Mississauga office and obtain TRV visa upon approval from CPC office. MORE..

      ICCRC Member in Bangkok now

      Khun Parwinder Sadana, ICCRC Member from Canada is presently in Bangkok now and prospective clients can make an appointment to see him at our new office at President Tower by calling 02 6561543 or can talk to him directly on his call: 08 61568786. MORE..

      New ThaiCanadian.CA Discussion Board

      SLC (Thailand) Co. Ltd has launched a discussion board for Thais and Canadians where they can register as Member as ask us immigration related questions. MORE..